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MIT expert workshop

Later this month MIT are kindly hosting our second expert workshop. Twenty invited participants from across the Americas will be analysing future Internet trends and technology based on the draft scenarios we are developing around Europe’s future Internet needs.

Many thanks to Karen Sollins and Sue Perez for facilitating, and to all of our participants for sharing their expertise. It’s exciting to be running this Future Internet event at one of the birthplaces of the ARPANET.

You can read a draft report on our first expert workshop, held last September in Brussels with a similar number of European experts. In May we will be holding our third and final expert workshop in Tokyo.


0900-0930 Welcome and overview of project
0930-1000 In pairs/threes: review of four scenarios
1000-1030 Whole-group discussion (plenary room)
1030-1045 Coffee break
1045-1230 In three groups: isolating the key social, economic, technical scenario trends, and identifying their inter-relationship. How does the Internet need to develop to support positive trends and minimise negative trends?
1230-1300 Sandwich lunch
1300-1315 Groups report back
1315-1400 Plenary discussion
1400-1415 Overview of European Commission Future Internet actions
1415-1530 In three groups: identifying Internet-focused R&D and policy actions that promote positive trends and minimise negative trends identified earlier in day
1530-1545 Coffee break
1545-1600 Groups report back
1600-1630 Plenary discussion
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