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Delphi survey results: how experts think the Internet will develop

September 28th, 2010 No comments

Detailed reports on Round 1 and Round 2 of our Delphi Survey are now available. The first elicited expert views on a wide range of social, economic, political and technological aspects of the Internet over the next 20 years. The second asked for views on the likelihood and desirability of the four scenarios that were constructed and refined over the course of the study.

The second round also captured hundreds of specific comments from experts, such as:

  1. This scenario mixes a lot of different aspects, wow. I agree on the mobile aspects – actually I am sitting in a restaurant killing time taking this survey on my BB – but strongly disagree on the educational aspects (BS) and do not believe the segregation argument.
  2. Today, the Internet is too much of a tool to connect individuals (social networking sites) and let the people download entertainment items (music, videos), rather than targeting a key economic role to support companies. For example, e-government is too often portrayed as an e-administrative tool to help citizens for their routine duties (IDs, tax returns, driving licenses, tech).

We would like to encourage debate so please read the reports and post your own comments in reply here.

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Final Public Workshop, 22 November 2010, Brussels

September 23rd, 2010 No comments

Mark your diary for the final Public Workshop on 22 November. The aim is to present the results of the study, Towards a Future Internet, and promote discussion about its findings.  The agenda is being finalised but will include:

  • Guest speakers (to be announced)
  • Presentation of the study’s final report, methodology and results
  • Opportunity to discuss the study’s findings

Interested parties are encouraged to comment on the study’s outputs which are available on this site. The Final Report will be available at the workshop.

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