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Draft final report available for comment

The draft final report of the study is now available for comment. The report is essentially in two parts — a short and readable main report summarising the main findings, with supporting material available in Appendixes. More detailed material is also available on this study website. Comments are extremely welcome.

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  1. November 8th, 2010 at 13:47 | #1

    I think this is a useful report – the set of scenarios are well used to create what amounts to a checklist for future internet technical work, which all to often omits the bigger human picture – I spent 5 years as part of the Cambridge-MIT collaboration on economics and policy in telecom, studying what initiatives succeed or fail and why. Frequently, most commonly, non-technical (in the engineering sense) causes dominated.

    As well as this, life changes – new factors (green and cyber-safety considerations) arise and must be considered. This work is not a blueprint, but it is a useful part of the roadmap.

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