January 26th, 2009

European Commission DG INFSO project SMART 2008/0049

Commencing February 2009, this study is exploring what a Future Internet should be — by researching the possible social, psychological, technological and economic options for its further development and their likely socio-economic impacts:

  • Explore the past — examine prior studies and analyse how the current Internet evolved to date, its main drivers and effects
  • Define possible future scenarios and assess their likely socio-economic impacts — investigate the interrelations between technological, social, psychological and economic trends and developments related to a Future Internet, verified using Delphi surveys
  • Produce preferred visions for Europe of a Future Internet, in terms of each of the four forces

The project is drawing on community expertise through a two-round online Delphi study; three expert workshops (in Europe, North America and east Asia); and a larger project conference in Brussels.

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